Sistema Bomb has its roots in a collaboration between Mexican rock legends Maldita Vecindad and Son Jarocho trendsetters, Los Cojolites. Sistema Bomb's creator, Hector 'Hecdog' Perez, was asked by Bay Area producer, Greg Landau to aid in producing and mixing Maldita Vecindad's 2010 album, Circular Colectivo. 

It was clear to Landau and Maldita Vecindad that Perez possessed the necessary, highly polished skills to unlock the massive challenge of producing and mixing this monumental Mexican rock record, which would eventually become Maldita Vecindad's swan song because they disbanded in 2011. The album contained a track called Chacahua, which featured Los Cojolites in a song that fused Mexican rock elements with tradition Son Jarocho. This song would be Perez's trigger for his passion in fusing modern elements with this 250 year-old genre. After this highly successful collaboration, Perez was asked again by Landau to help mix and produce a traditional album by Los Cojolites, Sembrando Flores. Hector had been studying and performing Son Jarocho for a number of years and the combination of his musical expertise and his incredibly high production technique would lend this genre a new production perspective. Working out of Perez's San Francisco music studio, the album took Perez and Landau over a year to produce as Greg and Hector were limited to working after-hours, since Landau taught at UC Santa Cruz and Perez continued to produce commercial music for the company he co- founded, Music Orange. 

In the spirit of including modern elements in Sembrando Flores, Hector 'Hecdog' Perez and Greg Landau discussed the possibility of remixing one of the songs and including it as a bonus track. After struggling with the concept, Perez decided to compose a new version of the traditional Son Jarocho song, El Cascabel, and invited Los Cojolites to participate. Landau had previously worked with Los Cojolites to get them accustomed to recording while listening to a click track, a relatively unusual concept in recording Son Jarocho. This proved to be a valuable asset, since Hector's version of El Cascabel was created using metronomic beats and electronics. Perez was immediately hooked to this fusion and Sistema Bomb was thus born. This was the birth of the Sistema Bomb concept: to create collaborations between the masters of traditional Son Jarocho and non-traditional Latino musicians from the U.S. and Mexico. 

For the following 18 months, Perez spent his every spare moment creating and producing music for Sistema Bomb. He decided to tap into his impressive list of successful Latino musician friends who had previously celebrated son jarocho in their own way. He first called upon his high school pal and vocalist and trumpeter of Ozomatli, Asdru Sierra, to sing on Perez's version of ElCascabel. Asdru ended up being an integral part of Sistema Bomb. His history in working with musicians of the Son Jarocho genre though Ozomatli gave him a unique perspective which proved to be instrumental in creating just the right vibe for Sistema Bomb. Asdru also sang lead on Sistema Bomb’s only original song, El Capitan. 

He then called upon his pal and lead singer for Maldita Vecindad, Roco Pachukote, to help him further his concept. Perez paired Pachukote with Liche Oseguera, a member of the Son Jarocho group Chuchumbé and a master Son Jarocho composer and performer. These pairings and re-compositions of traditional songs continued for the rest of the album and eventually included Ramon Gutierrez, Patricio Hidalgo, Andres Flores, and Moyenei Valdes. Since this was Hecdog's debut album, he decided that he would apply every production technique afforded him by his long and distinguished career in creating highly produced music. And since he was free to create music without the normal approval process of his commercial work, Perez felt free to explore his artistic ambitions without constraint. 

In completing this body of work, Perez had defined a new genre which he dubbed, Electro- Jarocho. Hector ‘Hecdog’ Perez is currently working on the second volume of Electro-Jarocho and has launched the single, “La Caña”, which features Patricio Hidalgo, Ramon Gutierrez, and Hector Guerra. The song can be found on iTunes after its February 4th, 2013 launch.

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