The APX is the electronic alter ego project of husband/wife duo Dee and Erika Rhodes. Taking it's name from the couple's highly successful private event band "The After Party Experience," The APX creates a galactic funky atmosphere using synths, sax and vocals.

They released their first single "Capture The Moment" in January 2016 to test the waters. Since then, The APX has further defined their sound to a mixture of Nudisco, Electro funk and Synth Wave. Their mission is to crossover multiple 80s culture and fuse them into a new era. With positivity as their drive, the duo hopes to encourage their listeners to live in the moment, express themselves and follow their dreams.

With their debut E.P. set to be released in Q3 of 2017, The APX aspires to bring something different to the world of music. The APX stays true to one goal: to inspire anyone who hears their sound to embrace the joys of their life to the fullest!

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