Aymée & Gonzalo "Viento y Tiempo" (Cuba)

Latin Jazz/Cuban Fusion


2019 Latin Grammy nomination: Best Traditional Tropical Album: Aymée Nuviola "A Journey Through Cuban Music"

The warm and soft breeze of Lent alights on the city, as is common in April, and in a downtown neighborhood in Havana two women, very close friends, rush to take their children, Gonzalo and Aymee, to their music lessons at the conservatory.

The children are playing on the steep spiral staircase outside the building, while waiting to meet with Silvia, their piano teacher. Gonzalo is 10 years old and attends a higher level than his friend Aymee, three years younger, and both share the naive passion that leads them to explore the mysteries of music.

It's April again, and the intense air causes a strong surf on the boardwalk. The two renowned artists go towards the sea not suspecting that this will be the last opportunity in a long time that they will be able to share. The scores take form in Aymée ́s voice and the wind raises her song and dissipates it on the horizon as a clear premonition. Twenty years have passed and the two artists have fully consolidated their careers and their lives. The air has reunited them, and as if time had not passed, the affection, the scores, ... and the piano have returned. This time, from experience and talent, there is a tribute to the roots, to the past that unites them and makes them great.

After class, the two return to their homes in Centro Havana, and in their living room with large windows that let the fresh air in, continue the lessons while they listen and play on the piano classics of Cuban music coming from the bar on the corner. It is there, in their homes full of rhythms, where they learn the strength of the bolero, the sweet flavor of the guaracha, and the intensity of the “Filin”.

Years of practice and learning made the children into talented young people. Gonzalo creates his "Project" and Aymee wins a renowned musical contest. They already fly alone and are willing to conquer the world with their own wings. However, an encounter predicts that their lives would always be united by music.

Aymée Nuviola, like Cuba itself, embodies that magical blend. Born into a family of musicians, some of her earliest memories are at the piano, working through melodies between lessons. Later, as she was receiving her classical training at Cuba’s top musical academy, she recalls her fascination with all kinds of music, from Debussy to Bossa Nova. At an early age, Aymée Nuviola won the most prominent singing contest that took place in Cuba an achievement that led her to record with the most important musical bands on the island such as Irakere and NG La Banda among others.

In her latest production, “Como Anillo Al Dedo” (Latin Grammy Winner 2018) has seamlessly blended her influences into musical creations and performances that leave listeners thirsty for more. She also has multiple Grammy and Latin Grammy nominations, as well as collaborated in several Grammy winning productions. Also has been in the first place on the Billboard Tropical chart on two occasions.

Aymée’s music is an island without borders, open to the world, friendly, upbeat, smart and willing to share her most personal, intimate truths with the world.

Gonzalo Rubalcaba, was already a Young Phenom with a budding career in his native Cuba when he was discovered by Dizzy Gillespie in 1985. Since, Piano & Keyboard Magazine selected him in 1999 as one of the greatest pianists of the 20th century, alongside figures such as Glenn Gould, Martha Argerich and Bill Evans; won two Grammys and two Latin Grammys, and established himself as a creative force in the jazz world.

He was born in a musical family in Havana, Gonzalo, a child prodigy who by the age of 6 was playing drums in his father’s orchestra, started his formal training two years later, with Piano as his main instrument to, as he once recalled, “just to please my mother” He graduated from the Institute of Fine Arts in Havana with a degree in composition.

In any language of music he chooses, his works are both moving and authentic, bearing the initial artistic intent of transforming the everyday routine to accentuate beauty and substance.

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