FUNK OFF (Italy)

Funk/Soul/Groove/Marching Band


After 20 years of sounding off and more than 900 live gigs we can safely say that FUNK OFF was not only the first Italian marching band but they have literally given a new sense to the idea of the marchin' band in Italy, infusing distinctive styles of Groove and Funk with sophisticated Jazz arrangements and Italian-styled melodies, bringing it all together with dynamic choreographies.

It's the energy, sheer power and unity of the band together with the originality of their music, all written and arranged by band founder and leader Dario Cecchini, that makes them unique and inimitable.

Cecchini has worked for more than twenty years with jazz artists as well as with Italian pop stars. He is the guy who makes the wheels turn and is the original founding member of Funk Off. Dario has played and appeared on more than 40 CDs, 11 of which are his own projects. His compositions may mix funk, latin and rock rhythms with jazz and swing or they may simply go off in other musical directions. FUNK OFF is still the official Umbria Jazz marchin' band since 2003, and just celebrated its 20th anniversary.

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